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The art of international negotiations
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In the fifth edition of this textbook, the chapters on the theory of international negotiations have been updated substantially, the negotiation practicum has been expanded and new tests, trainings and case studies have been added. Particular attention is paid to negotiation models in high conflict situations, which imply the use of mediation procedures. The book puts forward a modern concept of international negotiations, examines western and eastern negotiation strategies, analyzes the role of national styles and traditions during intercultural communications and highlights the specifics of contemporary information support and public communication during negotiations.
Aimed at educating international relations specialists for work in governmental and non-governmental structures. Also written for directors at all levels.

Василенко И.А., Василенко Е.В. ( Vasilenko I., Vasilenko E. )

Василенко Ирина Алексеевна – доктор политических наук, профессор кафедры российской политики факультета политологии МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова, профессор Дипломатической академии МИД РФ.

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