Origin of the Second World War
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Origin of the Second World War

Тышецкий И.Т. ( Tyshetsky I. )

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Igor Tyshetsky’s new book is dedicated to the development of international relations in Europe between the two World Wars. This is the first monograph written in Russian that explains how the politics and diplomacy of European powers led to the development of the Second World War. Driven by noble intentions, the victor countries of the First World War gradually prepared the ground for a new world conflict. The reader is shown a long line of people and events that brought Europe to a new European war, which swiftly turned into a world war. This work is based on a large number of documents, witness reports and studies, many of which have come under academic scrutiny for the first time.
The book is meant for both professional historians and all readers interested in international relations and the reasons for the emergence of the Second World War.

Тышецкий И.Т. ( Tyshetsky I. )

Тышецкий Игорь Тимофеевич.

Родился в 1959 году. В 1983 году окончил восточное отделение факультета международных
отношений МГИМО МИД СССР. По образованию – японист. Некоторое время работал по специальности.

В 1990 году обучался в частном университете в Австрии (EPU – European Peace University). В 1992 году занялся частным бизнесом. Много путешествовал.

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