The Rising China and the Future of Russia
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The Rising China and the Future of Russia

Лукин А.В. ( Lukin A. )

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This book of a well-known Russian orientalist and expert in international relations Lukin is dedicated to the most important issue of modern Russia: how to interact with our great neighbor China, which is gaining economic and political power. Scientific and journalistic articles, reviews, biographies, research material and interviews are collected in this book – the result of long-term work of the author. The collection covers a broad range of issues, such as culture, ideology, politics, domestic and foreign policy of China, the Russian-Chinese relations and the problems of Russian Sinology.

Is it possible to consider the Chinese civilization unique in its special way or comparable with other great centers of world culture? Was Mao Zedong Chinese a copy of Stalin or Chinese communism is not so similar to Soviet prototype? Is Chinese demographic expansion a threat to Russia or is it just a myth, ably supported by interested party? Is it possible to make democratization in China in a Western-style or does the largest country of Asia has its own way? How can Russia gain from the neighborhood with so rapidly developing country, while not having gone under it? All these and many other problems, the author discusses in an objective, balanced manner, stating the essence in vigorous style.

Лукин А.В. ( Lukin A. )

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