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Practicum on International Law: textbook
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Practicum on International Law: textbook

под ред. Толстых В.Л. ( ed. by Tolstykh V. )

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The practicum is composed of seven parts and 26 chapters, which correspond to the thematic structure of the course on international law. Every chapter includes the following headings: Theoretical issues; Official documents; Literature; Tasks; Judicial decisions. International law specialists from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and Novosibirsk took part in compiling the practicum.
The main purpose of the Practicum is to serve as a textbook for international law students, and a teaching aid for teachers of international law. This book may also be useful for diplomats, judges, other specialists connected to international law, and readers who are interested in international relations and foreign policy.

под ред. Толстых В.Л. ( ed. by Tolstykh V. )

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