Delivery Information


Orders for the Moscow region, Russia, CIS and the world are sent by Russian Post.
The rates on the website www.pochta.ru
If you were unable to place an order on the site, please
use the feedback form in contacts.

Order payment:

You can pay for orders delivered by courier in Moscow, with delivery by Russian Post.


1) bank card on the online site (VISA/MASTERCARD/MIR, etc.)
2) by bank transfer to the account
3) Yandex.Money, transfer to a card, etc. - in agreement with the Manager

Additional information:

1. Carrying out the operation of payment for goods/services on a bank card in the Internet.
1.1. The card holder is drawn to the website of the online store and forms an order for payment of goods/services, confirms the conditions of ordering (name of goods, method of delivery, choice of means of payment, amount of payment) and chooses as a means of payment Bank card.
1.2. Transactions of payment for goods/services with the use of bank cards in the Internet is carried out with the use of 3d technologies.
1.3. The online store processes the order and creates a request to the SPJEP to register the order of the cardholder. The order data set is sent to the online store request – Order description, amount, return addresses, to which the card holder should be returned in case of successful and unsuccessful payment, etc. If the order is successfully registered, SPJEP returns a unique order number to the online store.
1.4. The online store redirects the cardholder to the payment page SPJEP, which displays the payment parameters, it is also offered to enter the card details. The card holder chooses the card type, which he will pay and enters Information about the parameters of your card:
-card type;
-card number;
-Card expiration date;
-First and last name as indicated on the map;
-Values of CVC2 or CVV2;
-confirms its agreement to pay the order by entering a special password.
A special password is a digital/alphanumeric sequence that uniquely identifies the client as the cardholder. Verification of a special password is provided by the issuing bank.
1.5. The service provider verifies the correctness of the card input parameters format and performs additional authentication procedures of the card holder in accordance with international standards (3d) and sends the request for authorization of the transaction to the bank.
1.6. The bank checks the right of the online store to perform the operation in accordance with the registration and authorizes transactions in the order established by the relevant international payment systems.
1.7. When a negative result of authorization is received, the bank sends a notice of refusal to the Spjep, which, in its turn, transmits this information to the online store and cardholder, indicating the reasons for the refusal.
1.8. When a positive result of authorization is received, the bank transfers to SPJEP confirmation of the positive result of the operation authorization. Spjep simultaneously transmits the confirmation of the positive result of the transaction authorization to the online store and cardholder.
1.9. After receiving confirmation of the positive result of authorization, the online store renders the service (carries out the work, releases the goods) to the cardholder.
1.10. Processing of successfully authorized operations is carried out automatically not later than the next working day after the day of the transaction.

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