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Availability of information about court cases. Problems of law regulation and enforcement
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Availability of information about court cases. Problems of law regulation and enforcement

Приходько И.А., Бондаренко А.В., Столяренко В.М

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Ten years have passed since the implementation in 01.07.2010 of Federal Law 22.12.2008 on Ensuring access to information on court activities in the Russian Federation.
Matters connected to the range of judicial acts made publicly accessible, the possibility of their reversal and accessibility timelines have not been resolved by this Law in a unified manner. The differences in relevant legal regulation are linked to jurisdiction and procedural order.
To what extent is maintaining these differences feasible? What does censorship of publicly-accessible judicial acts, passed by general jurisdiction courts lead to, and is the aim of such censorship reached? Can information held in banks of general court rulings be deemed official? Is it not now time to publish court case materials on the Internet?
These are just some of the questions examined in this study. Also analyzed is the evolution and present state of legal regulation on access to court rulings and other information on court cases and the practice of applying relevant judicial acts. This analysis leads to the following conclusion: legal regulation in this sphere is in need of being standardized to eliminate the unnecessary obstacles in the way of attaining such information.
This work is aimed at a wide readership. It can be used as a textbook for teachers and law students.

Приходько И.А., Бондаренко А.В., Столяренко В.М

Игорь Арсениевич Приходько – доктор юридических наук

Александр Валерьевич Бондаренко – кандидат юридических наук

Владимир Михайлович Столяренко – доктор юридических наук

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