Japanese nationalism (ideology and politics)
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Japanese nationalism (ideology and politics)

Крупянко М., Арешидзе Л. ( Krupyanko M., Areshidze L. )

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Fundamental research of Russian Orientalists devoted to problems happening in Japan Renaissance ideology of state nationalism - the traditional instrument manipulation of mass consciousness in dramatic periods of modern history of the country.

The book points out that the rise of nationalism aims to unite and mobilize the potential of the nation in the face of a real threat to reduce Japan's international status.


In work identified the major carriers of nationalist ideology in Japan, investigated the role of the Institute of imperial power in the rise of nationalist sentiment, and shows the authorities' policy on the formation of the nationalist outlook among Japanese youth.

The authors denoted the immediate prospects of nationalism in Japan, as well as the negative consequences of the policy of development of Japan-Russian and between Japan-China relations.

Крупянко М., Арешидзе Л. ( Krupyanko M., Areshidze L. )

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